Solutions as individual as our customers.

Whether for the pharmaceutical, food or cosmetics industry – Dürrmann has the right packaging solution.

Dürrmann offers a huge variety of standard products such as screw lid containers, cream jars, ointment jars and other primary packaging solutions, as well as a number of individual solutions based on sector-specific packaging requirements. Thanks to Dürrmann’s long experience in the development of plastic packaging and other specialised plastic products, high-quality plastic moulded parts are designed and produced based on the individual requirements of our clients.

Modern plastic technology makes the pharmaceutical industry’s work easier.  

Our products for the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories range from a variety of plastic containers such as screw lid containers, round and rectangular containers,slide boxes, PP-film hinge containers, cream jars, measuring cups, closures, hinged lid containers and pill dispensers, to laboratory equipment made of technicalpolymers - for instance test tube racks.

Individuelle Kunststoffverpackungen für Kosmetik und Pharma
Kosmetikverpackungen und Pharmaverpackungen, Individuallösungen

High-quality and appealing cosmetic packaging solutions.

In the past, Dürrmann has developed and produced a number of customer-specific products for the cosmetics industry, such as eye-shadow cases, power compacts,lipstick cases, nail varnish caps and pad boxes, as well as plastic products for toiletry preparations such as cream jars and lids for soap boxes. Today, our customers still appreciate the variety of individual packaging solutions we produce in the form of screw and hinge lids.
In addition, we offer a lot of options for surface refinement and design such as structured surfaces with etching, erosion, and engraving technology; high gloss polishing; marbling; galvanising; and high vacuum evaporation. Even representative thick-walled injection moulds that are linked internally can be easily refined through HK technology.

Tailor-made plastic products.

Specific products for the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacies, laboratories and other fields are one of our strengths as a manufacturer of plastic packaging solutions and other injection moulded plastic products. Together with our clients we like to develop and professionally implement the perfect product for their needs. If you have any questions, our injection moulding experts are happy to help at all times.


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