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Making something good even more special

The refinement of plastic products with alternative techniques
upgrades your individual product by making it unique

As a manufacturer of high-quality injection moulded products we have also dedicated ourselves to the refinement and decoration of plastic moulded parts from the beginning. The fact the production and refinement of a product can be offered from a single source benefits our clients, as it guarantees minimal effort and consistent results.

The refinement
Refinement with alternative techniques
Plastic products refinement
Making something good even more special

We offer the perfect solution for all requirements
product refinement by Dürrmann

Whether you are looking for plastic jars, screw lid jars, other primary packaging solutions, or technical plastic parts with a personal touch, we offer an individual solution to upgrade your plastic product. After the production of the individual product, our clients can choose from different surface design and refinement techniques such as screen printing, 4-colour pad printing or hot foil stamping (using an up-and-down or roll-on method). With these techniques even the refinement of very small products can easily be implemented.

Refinement of plastic products with alternative techniques
Perfect solution for all Refinement requirements

An even greater product range

thanks to a network of first-class partners

Dürrmann has created a network of companies offering additional refinement techniques such as HV-metallisation, galvanising, coating, and multi-colour offset printing in order to provide an even broader product range in the best possible quality.

High quantities and first-class quality

By using progressive automation technology we are also capable of achieving higher quantities in the refinement of our products. The high quality stays the same and is ensured at all times by quality tests being implemented throughout the entire process. Our injection moulding experts are happy to tell you about our refinement techniques such as pad printing, hot foil stamping, etc.