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Precision and quality counts

Technische Kunststoffteile individuell nach Kundenvorgaben

Technical plastic parts made according to
individual customer specifications, from development to series production

As a manufacturer of injection moulded packaging and other plastic products Dürrmann offers extensive know-how in plastics technology. Therefore, we are the perfect partner for the production of specialised technical plastic parts. Thanks to years of experience in the production of a great variety of the most different technical plastic products, using different technical plastics for a broad spectrum of sectors, we are very flexible in the development of injection moulded products. All products can be individualised according to our customer’s wishes.

Cases and other tailor-made injection moulded parts

Another important field in plastic technology is the production of cases for equipment manufacturing and the sanitary field, plug elements for the electronics industry, and other high-tech applications. Highly-developed handling devices are taking care of the appropriate extraction of sensitive injection moulded parts. By using detailed documentation of AQL test data we are able to oversee the quality of our products at all times.

Technische Kunststoffteile
Technical plastic parts for individual customer specifications
Individuelle Kunststoffteile
Everywhere precision is required

Detailed injection moulding solutions

in reliable quality

At Dürrmann we produce a wide range of technical functional parts for the telecommunications industry, the optics industry, and the audio and video technology industry. Even the most different technical plastic parts used as security clips or precision seals are manufactured at our facilities.

Everywhere precision is required.

Technical functional parts and precision plastic products, developing elements for the motor vehicle industry, gauges for training and education purposes, and other technical precision products are manufactured in an injection moulding process at Dürrmann. Would you like to produce a technical plastic part with us? Please contact our team of technical plastic parts experts online– they are happy to provide consultation on the subject.