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Your reliable partner in injection moulding

Dürrmann has not only the experience
but also the technical means to implement
demanding projects on a small or large scale

At the moment, our production facility consists of 34 computerised injection moulding machines with a clamping force of 350 to 2,000 kN each. Therefore, the large-scale production of packaging solutions or technical plastic parts is easily manageable. With machines that are partly equipped with freely programmable handling/extraction systems we produce pharmaceutical packaging solutions such as screw top plastic containers, pill dispensers, and ointment jars, but also a wide range of other injection moulding parts and plastic components for various industries.

Nothing is too big, nothing is too small – injection moulded parts by Dürrmann

Our company produces packaging solutions, manufactured by injection molding and mostly find use as plastic packaging. Our flexibility allows the production different batch sizes - from small series production to large series, everything is possible with us.

injection moulding, technical plastic parts
Your reliable partner in injection moulding
injection moulding
injection moulding at the highest level
technical injection moulding
Versatile and modern – technical injection moulding at the highest level

Versatile and modern

technical injection moulding at the highest level near Munich

Our company, situated in Hohenlinden close to the city of Munich, is most certainly able to process all the conventional thermoplastics used in the injection moulding process. The consistently high quality of our injection moulded parts and the smooth operating processes are maintained by a state-of-the-art computer system and the use of modern ERP-software. During the injection mould production process (in a 3-shift operation; on request we also work Saturdays) we produce high quantities of plastic injection moulded parts within a short period of time.

Plastic products and packaging solutions of the future by your injection moulding expert

Due to the experience we have gained in product design and development, as well as in model and tool construction, we are able to take care of the entire production process, from product development to the actual production. Are you interested in implementing your own individual injection moulding project?

Our experts are happy to advise you!