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Seven decades in plastics technology

Dürrmann has gained an excellent reputation for high-quality plastic products and is today known far beyond the borders of Bavaria.

The foundation of the company was laid in 1948, when Richard and Hans Dürrmann founded the company, which was formerly named Preßstoff-Mechanik.

The plastic packaging solutions and plastic products of the young company were selling well and consequently a new company building was erected at Floßmannstraße in Ebersberg in 1957.

In 1979, the first injection moulding facility was built at the same location. In 1980 and 1990 their sons Peter and Hans Dürrmann joined the family business.


The expansion of plastic production in Hohenlinden.

In 1990, the injection moulding facility in Hohenlinden started operation and the production was gradually relocated from Ebersberg to the new facility. Four years later a new storage facility was built. After the purchase of additional premises and the erection of new facilities in Hohenlinden, the technological divisions also moved to the new location. The relocation process of the entire injection moulding production and administration was completed by 2002, when the new administration building was ready for occupation.

... and the development of the company continues

In 2007 and 2009 the further expansion of the business became necessary due to growing demand and rising production volumes. Two new warehouses were built for the more efficient storage of raw materials and to improve the ‘just in time’ supply capacity of the company.
Kunststoffverpackungen, Dürrmann GmbH Hohenlinden
Only the best of plastics technology for your customers.


Only the best of plastics technology for your customers.

In 2009 we built a new area for assembling and packaging technology in order to meet the increased hygiene requirements of our products.

Progress has been a tradition at Dürrmann for more than 70 years. Therefore, we feel well qualified to continuously work on the development of new concepts in the field of injection moulding and to improve the quality of our plastic products.

In the future, we will remain available to our customers as an efficient, reliable business associate.