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Special screw lid jar designs
customised round containers with accessories

Our specially-designed screw lid jars are made to our customers’ specifications, with the high Dürrmann quality our customers know and trust. Our special designs provide excellent packaging solutions for a wide range of products and can also be made with sealing discs. Tailored to the intended use and featuring CI-compliant design, you will receive highly functional round plastic jars with a screw top – safe, customised, and made just for you.


  • Screw top jars that meet customer specifications
  • Screw top jars directly from the manufacturer
  • Production and finishing from a single source
  • Customised and modern
  • Practical and hygienic
  • On-time delivery

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Plastic screw lid containers
Plastic screw lid containers
Seals for tamper-evident closure
Seals for tamper-evident closure

Customised screw lid jars

Perfect design and functionality

Our screw top jars in special designs meet the highest requirements in terms of design and practicality. Lids fit precisely and are easy for consumers to open and close. Depending on a customer’s specifications, our screw top jars are suitable for use as primary packaging for creams, ointments, cosmetics and food. On request, we can print jars or lids with your logo, or finish your plastic packaging to match your corporate identity.

Facts & figures:

  • Filling volume: from 6 ml to 250 ml
  • Radius lids
  • Ribbed lids
  • Sealing discs available
  • Optional colour combinations available
Customised screw lids
Screw lids, colored
Customised screw lids
Screw lids white
Customised screw lids
Screw lids rippled


Strong protection for sensitive contents

What do all of our customised screw lid jars have in common? They are all easy-to-use and convenient.

Our customers come from many different industries throughout Germany

The professional combination of functionality and design is what has set us apart for over 70 years. We manufacture not only screw top jars in special designs that meet each customer’s specific requirements, but also distinctive and beautiful packaging solutions for pharmacies, the pharmaceutical and food industries, laboratories and cosmetics manufacturers, who place their trust in us.


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