Simply elegant and versatile.

The screw lid containers from TEC LINE series are something special.

For us as a plastic packaging manufacturer, the wishes of our customers are particularly important. Therefore, our experience in the development of diverse products, such as packaging containers and other plastic packaging solutions using injection moulding techniques, plays a very important role. Cream jars, ointment jars, and other screw lid containers should certainly look good, as well as being easy to open and store.

Simple but thorough design.  

The TEC LINE products impress with a timeless but sophisticated screw lid design, making them the ideal packaging solution for your individual purposes. The series is made of polypropylene (PP), which can not only be used in screw lid containers such as cosmetic and ointment jars, but also in food packaging. The sizes available for the TEC LINE range from 35 to 500ml. The screw lid containers additionally provide a wide range of colours in opaque or transparent versions.

Dürrmann Kunststoffverpackungen Schraubdose TEC LINE
Dürrmann Kunststoffverpackungen Schraubdose TEC LINE

Launching a new generation of screw lid containers.

The single-walled TEC LINE screw lid containers are not only sealable but can be piled easily. Regardless of whether they are being used as cosmetic, cream or ointment jars, or for other packaging purposes, their piling capacity is a small but valuable detail in practice. We refine and personalise your plastic jars by the use of screen printing, pad printing or hot foil stamping.

The best packaging solution for your requirements.

We are happy to tell you more about our packaging solutions and discuss developing an individual packaging solution for you – we are looking forward to your request!


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