Precision mould production for outstanding quality

The quality of an injection-moulded part is significantly defined by the corresponding injection mould.

Hence, precise injection moulds are the foundation of high-quality plastic parts production.
Our moulding process forms a solid basis for the manufacturing of economic, highly precise, and long-lasting injection moulds by using state-of-the-art machines and employing highly motivated, qualified, and long-serving personnel. 

From construction to maintenance - we offer tailor-made solutions for your injection moulds.

Regular maintenance and conservation of our operating materials are of the utmost importance at Dürrmann, simply because it guarantees a smooth and disruption-free operation during injection moulding production.
We would be happy to implement your individual ideas and wishes professionally and on time.

  • CNC-milling processing machines
  • NC-turning technology
  • CNC-eroding technology
  • Maintenance and conservation of injection moulds

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