The complete package.

Whether you prefer manual or fully automatic assembling – we have the perfect offer for you.

A lot of plastic injection moulds are made of not one but several individual parts. In this case, it is not important whether we focus on multiple plastic packaging parts or multiple technical plastic parts, the process of assembling is different every time.

State-of-the-art technology in action.

In the past, multi-piece injection moulded products such as screw lid containers or ointment jars had to be assembled by hand, today it is possible to automatically assemble the different plastic packaging or plastic injection moulded parts. Which assembling process we utilise – manual, partly or fully automatic assembling - depends on the batch size chosen by the client.

Fast, precise and affordable – fully automatic assembling by Dürrmann.

In large-scale production processes the fully automatic assembling of plastic products is common. Often, partly multi-stage machines that are specialised for different tasks are directly integrated into the production process and automatically assemble the individual plastic moulds.

Your specialist in plastic technology from development to assembly.

Dürrmann guides you through the entire development and production process of your individual plastic moulded product or packaging solution. Thanks to our considerable experience in the fields of development, production, refining, and assembling of the most distinctive packaging solutions and other plastic products, our customers receive their own comprehensive plastic technology package. Our experienced injection moulding team will be glad to answer all your questions regarding plastic injection moulding and our products.


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