Comprehensive packaging solutions


We at Dürrmann offer an extensive range of high-quality packaging solutions and technical plastic parts that are manufactured using injection moulding techniques. We cover the entire production process from development to construction, mould manufacturing, assembling, refinement and seamless quality management. The result is first-class quality products.


Injection moulding technology


From the beginning, our company has relied on state-of-the art technology in order to be able to offer our clients the highest quality possible in plastic packaging. Our modern production facility with more than 30 injection moulding machines is continuously upgraded and kept up-to-date. Our state-of-the-art machine park allows us to guarantee our clients high-quality injection moulding technology at the highest level.


Individual customer solutions


One of our core competencies is to develop individual solutions in close co-operation with our customers. Thanks to many years of experience in the design and production of customised plastic products, we are the perfect partner to make the most challenging visions reality.


Innovative refinement technology


The refinement of finished products using modern techniques such as pad printing and hot foil stamping are just one of our strengths. For every individual product we offer the appropriate refinement option, be it for technical plastic parts or plastic containers. Even large-sized containers are not a problem thanks to our automation processes.


Customer service and reliability

The development and implementation of customer-specific packaging solutions is our number one priority. Therefore, we put special emphasis on in-depth discussion with each individual client. In our company’s tradition it has always been important to try to exceed customer expectations by offering the most reliable quality.


 Progressive technology


Dürrmann stands for state-of-the-art technology and the highest possible quality in injection moulding. Thanks to our extensive production facility, consisting of injection moulding machines and progressive automation technology, we are able to manufacture high quantities of high quality plastic products. We guarantee the first-class implementation of product ideas, whether in packaging solutions or technical plastic parts.

Our Technologie

 Quality packaging

Dürrmann offers a wide range of plastic packaging solutions for different sectors, such as the cosmetics and the food industry. Our comprehensive quality management system oversees every step of production, guaranteeing the consistently high quality standard which the name Dürrmann stands for today. Our aim is the continuous improvement of the company by offering the best quality possible, both today and in the future.

Our standard products

 Injection moulding experts

Our company can look back on more than 65 years of experience. Today, we primarily offer customised packaging solutions and a huge variety of standard products. Our company has always kept pace with the times and exclusively uses state-of-the-art technology. Our experienced staff guarantee first-class results due to their comprehensive know-how. We believe that it is in our best interest to invest in the training and further education of our employees.

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